11 Feb 2014

( Buster + Punch Lighting and Furniture )

The Cool Kids in Town

I've known about these guys for some time now and have been dying to write about them and share this uber cool / uber creative design team with you all.
Buster + Punch know how to shake up any interior with their very 'extraordinary' products. The London based designers started life in an East London garage where they discovered a passion for designing and creating things they loved, from light fittings, motorcycles, to furniture. This expressive passion behind closed doors developed into these amazing products you will see below.
Below is just a small taster of the amazing lighting range they have developed. Just check out the furniture they do too... bloomin awesome! I'm not going to put too many of their products on this post as I really want you to see for yourself. There is something seriously rock and roll about these guys... I love it.

Image via: Buster + Punch


  1. Light Porn!! I love these, they are so funky. Thank you for sharing Stuart. x

    1. You are very welcome Cara. I love them too. I definitely want to use them in a future design :)

  2. The furniture in this image is awesome and I would like to have such furniture.
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  3. It is a great post. Keep up the good work you are doing here. Thank you for sharing such a useful post.

  4. What to say about those lighting pics? Simply marvelous! I think everyone have dream to live in this kinds of place!


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