19 Jan 2012

( beach house beauty )

Huge amounts of house envy with this beauty... I think I have lost count of all the holiday homes I have posted about wanting, hehehe. This one is definitely in my top 5. The interior architectural detailing in the home is amazing. I adore the panoramic view that is created by the large seamless windows... perfect! The mix of materials work so effortlessly with each other to create a well balanced comfortable environment. The steel post interlocking the concrete bench perfectly breaks up this open space, to cleverly separate the living area with the kitchen/dining area.
To top it all off, the choice of classic and comfortable soft furnishings are flawless. I can see some of my all time favourites; Minotti, Eames, Carl Hensen, to name but a few :) These pieces mixed with some traditional tribal pieces from all over the world, adds comfort and warmth to this stunning home.

Images via Les Interieurs


  1. This is such a beautiful place. I am a huge follower of your blog. You have a great eye for design and all things beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. amazing open spaces and clean lines, love it!!! :)
    Golden White Décor


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